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  • Poison Control
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The Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester, New York (DOTCORNY) offers classes year-round to the public. We offer all levels of obedience and agility classes as well as other dog sports. Our trainers have many years of experience. We welcome people who are totally new to dog training.
Suzanne Clothier’s website for promoting healthy relationships and humane training through a holistic approach to the dog – mind, body and soul. Excellent training articles available for download.
American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior – A website by veterinarians who share an interest in understanding, teaching and treating behavior problems in animals.
Dog’s Best Friend Training, founded in 1988 by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., is dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs and their owners through dog training using positive reinforcement-based techniques.
Indoor Cat Initiative – Collge of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University
The Indoor Cat Initiative was created to enrich the lives of indoor cats. The veterinarians at OSU believe that indoor enrichment is as important as an excellent diet and health care. We agree!

Human Health and Zoonotic Diseases
Center for Disease Control – National Center for Infectious Diseases
Information on pets and people, and some diseases that affect them both. Diseases that can be passed from animals to people are called zoonotic diseases.
Companion Animal Parasite Council
The human-animal parasite connection; info about the parasites that are zoonotic.

Humane and Rescue Organizations
Best Friends Animal Society – Nationally known animal rescue organization and sanctuary
Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, is committed to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach programs and the prevention of cruelty. Our local shelter.
Morris Animal Foundation – Improves the health and well-being of companion animals and wildlife by funding humane health studies and disseminating information about these studies.

Pet Health and Education
Binky’s Page – Resources for special feline nutritional needs and detailed nutritional information.
American Animal Hospital Association – A wealth of reliable information for pet owners
Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine – The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine offers a range of resources for animal owners. provides reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). Your Purebred you’ll find my candid advice about purebred dogs (all dog breeds), crossbred dogs (designer dog breeds), and mixed breed dogs (mutts). You’ll find my honest reviews of 180 AKC dog breeds and rare dog breeds, plus information and advice on choosing a dog, adopting, buying, raising, training, feeding, and health care for puppies and adult dogs of all purebreeds, crossbreeds, and mixed breeds.

Pet Insurance

We all want what is best for our pets, and by taking full advantage of the incredible veterinary services available today, your pet can live a longer, healthier life. Most pets will encounter one or more major medical issues in their lifetimes. Insurance can help cover your costs for care, and may enable you to choose more complete care.

When you do a little research, you will soon see that pet insurance has many advantages and warrants serious consideration. For detailed information, visit the website of companies you are considering, or talk with a rep from that company. Some suggested companies are:

Pet Loss
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Delta Society brings individuals together who share a common passion – a love of animals and people.

Poison Control
ASPCA Poison Control Center

Pet Poison Helpline – partner of American Kennel Club 1 800-213-6680
ASPCA Toxic Plant List

Other Fun and Useful Websites
The Art of Stephen Huneck has found it’s place in the hearts of people all over the world.
Traveling with your pet? Pet friendly hotels and more.
Cat Fancier’s Association – The world’s largest registry of pedigree cats.
American Kennel Club – Find a breeder, register your dog or learn about the responsibilities of dog ownership.

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